The Shadow Lawn

  • 20x30 lot
  • $59,914
  • 4 bd/1 ba

Recreation of a plan for a 1920s Aladdin home, found here. May use items from World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise and Into the Future.

Custom content used/pictured:




After such huge response and success of my first cottage, I’ve decided to upload house next to it.

Download: Box.net

Edited to add one cc to list - dormer from Mutske! Sorry for that!



The Hollins

  • 30x50 lot
  • $88,396 | $58,482
  • 2 bd/2 ba

Built at 401 Vista Court in Brightpoint, this home will look best on a similar lot with a downward slope towards the water. May use items from any/all EPs. 

Custom content used:




singles studio…

sorry lazy preview pics are incredibly lazy

… so i have a habit of starting save games/legacies with a single mom who lives in a shitty apartment above a business building, which is what i had in plan when building this, but it ended up cute rather than shitty and cheap, but i kinda like it! it’s small and cosy, with a lil bedroom for a baby or child, which i decorated neutral so you can put your own gender colours in there… also, i got a bit bleugh with the ground floor, so i decorated it as a generic office (but there’s loads of back space for you to do whatever) … i had planned to make it into a lil bakery or shop, but my eyes are a bit droopy now, it’s well past my bedtime!!

the apartment is on the second floor, with a lil laundry room that is classed as public space, and the second floor has doors as if there are other apartments up there (making 4 in total) i’m pretty sure LN will assign people to live behind those doors… *fingers crossed* i have used late night to block off the ‘spare rooms’ so you will definitely need that installed… i have all expansion packs except ITF and IP, and i don’t think any SP’s installed… but i have used a bit of cc, but it’s mostly decor, so if you wanna know where anything comes from just ask, as i don’t wanna include cc incase it breaks TOU’s :/

i have used stuffs by the amazing ATS3, mspoodle1, camille, awesims - esp the cornices from awesims which can be found >here< the windows are from the new store set *ahem*, and the other windows are from the bakery set *cough cough* again, if you need something just yell at me and i’ll tell you all my secrets :)

enjoy… it’s designed for a single sim, but the bed is accessible by both sides, the only annoyance is that you can only sit on one chair at the dining table, but that’s easily fixable i guess! it’s a 15x20 lot, because of the doodley-magic with late night, it only costs £10,046 fully furnished and £1,652 unfurnished… 

as always, don’t be a douche with it… tag me if you use it… there’s hundreds of you that have downloaded my last builds and would love to see them in peoples games… make a girl happy!

sims3pack [pop in your downloads/ double click to install]

package[place in your library folder]

love and cuddles <3 x